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Dr. Pedro ‘Antonio’ Casas, Ph.D. Colonel, U.S. Army (Retired) Clinical/Forensic/Aero-Medical Psychologist.

As the only candidate, regardless of political party, I originate from the very heart of the 31st Congressional District. Unlike others, I am not an outsider; I understand and can genuinely represent what I have grown up knowing.

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I am committed to elevating the standard of education for our children, thereby empowering their future endeavors. I pledge to combat the influx of drugs to safeguard our children from tragic loss of life as fentanyl continues to be an epidemic. It is imperative to establish a justice system that does not incentivize or reward criminal behavior, which has left communities unsafe, crime victims abandoned, and deteriorating the business community. I will work to secure our southern border and implement immigration reforms that prioritize national security. In sports, I advocate for fairness by ensuring that biological males only compete against their counterparts. Addressing inflation promptly is crucial to easing financial burdens on households. We must remain vigilant in monitoring and addressing the escalating costs of rent, mortgages, food, utilities, interest rates, and gas. To stimulate economic growth, I propose tax cuts, reduction of bureaucratic red tape and excessive regulations on small businesses, allowing the free market to recalibrate itself. These initiatives represent essential initial strides toward securing a prosperous future for everyone while directly tackling the pressing challenges afflicting our communities and nation.


With over 29 years in the United States Army, including three deployments to theaters of war and experience as a wartime Commander, I bring unparalleled leadership that sets me apart from my fellow candidates. 


I am motivated by a deep-seated desire to lead and serve the residents of the 31st Congressional District, particularly in navigating the multitude of crises we currently confront. From escalating crime rates and public safety concerns to an economy in decline, an immigration dilemma exacerbating national security vulnerabilities along our southern border, and a failing educational system jeopardizing the academic future of our youth, the challenges are vast.

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The influx of drugs from the southern border poses a grave threat to our children’s lives, while the expanding transgender issue is increasingly influenced by political agendas and dishonest narratives which is manifesting into harmful public policy decisions. I’ve witnessed each of these issues impact Baldwin Park. I never imagined my hometown or the 31st District could deteriorate further. Regrettably, Baldwin Park and the entire San Gabriel Valley has only worsened. It is with a firm commitment to addressing these pressing issues that I enter this race.

The proficiency scores in high school education are alarmingly low, posing a significant barrier to our children’s aspirations and ability to fulfill their dreams. The influx of drugs across the southern border is rampant. Fentanyl is claiming the lives of 300 Americans daily, marking a dire public health crisis. Crime rates have skyrocketed, criminal offenders are being released only to recidivate, perpetuating a cycle of lawlessness. Offenders must be held accountable. We must return to the foundational principles of our system of jurisprudence. Crime victims must be advocated for, and order must be restored. Politicians have consistently failed to address the immigration crisis, resulting in a completely unsecured southern border, deteriorating our national security. Permitting biological males to compete in sports against biological females disregards scientific principles entirely, sacrificing truth for political gain.

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Dr. Pedro ‘Antonio’ Casas, Ph.D.

Colonel, U.S. Army (Retired)
Clinical/Forensic/Aero-Medical Psychologist
FEC C00863365

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