1. Provide proactive leadership to address the specific needs of the 31st Congressional District.
  2. Enhance educational opportunities for local children to access top-tier universities.
  3. Combat the deadly impact of fentanyl on our youth.
  4. Enhance public safety to prevent criminals from being incentivized to commit further offenses.
  5. Back to basics in sports by restricting biological men from competing against women.
  6. Establish JROTC programs in every high school which can offer free pathways to college opportunities and address military personnel shortages.
  7. Support the implementation of private school vouchers.
  8. Address the homelessness crisis: develop a governance model to regulate tax dollars used by NGO’s (currently, tax dollars are mismanaged and used for excessive pay and benefit packages of NGO’s as the crisis grows), use existing funds to allocate for homelessness to develop mental health and substance abuse treatment facilities with job re-entry training; regulate public space.


  1. Foster bipartisan collaboration in Congress to enact positive change for the nation.
  2. Address immigration reform, including securing the southern border.
  3. Expand behavioral health support for veterans.
  4. Appropriately address environmental issues.
  5. Support law enforcement while opposing any defunding measures.

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Dr. Pedro ‘Antonio’ Casas, Ph.D.

Colonel, U.S. Army (Retired)
Clinical/Forensic/Aero-Medical Psychologist
FEC C00863365

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